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ADVISORY: New Website to Track Constitution-Making in MidEast

New America's Middle East Task Force Launches "Constitution Watch"
Published:   December 13, 2012

Washington, DC —  The Middle East Task Force at the New America Foundation launched today the Constitution Watch, a unique website that will act as a hub for all information pertaining to constitution-making in countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Middle East Task Force will launch country pages on a rolling basis. Today, the Task Force launched its first page on Egypt as the country's citizens face a possible referendum on a new national constitution on Dec. 15. The page is written by Mara Revkin,a former assistant director of the Atlantic Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East and former editor of EgyptSource, a blog following Egypt's transition.

The country pages will offer a concise source of information on this critical dimension of the Arab uprisings, and include a the chronology of relevant events, the major participants and parties in the drafting process and details of key draft articles pertaining to social, religious, economic, and governance issues fundamental to transitioning societies. The pages will also include relevant links to external news sources and multimedia, providing local and international perspective on developments.

Leila Hilal, director of the Middle East Task Force, described the Constitution Watch as “an important initiative that will encourage observers to focus on the institutional dimensions of what is at stake in the region.” Hilal noted the final constitutions adopted by Egypt and other countries in transition will lay the basis for rights and opportunities going forward.

“These constitutional issues being negotiated are obviously of concern to the societies that will live under the new legal and institutional frameworks — but also to the United States, which has vested interests in democratic principles and regional stability," Hilal said.
View the Constitution Watch here.
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